terms & conditions

Quality assurance

studio PGRB's goal is to produce high quality light fixtures by hand for each and every customer. All photos shown on our website are accurate depictions of the final product. However since every item is hand made there may be slight variations in finish or build but rest assured that every fixture leaves our shop as beautiful and perfect as shown on our website. ALL OUR LIGHT FIXTURES ARE CAREFULLY TESTED AND INSPECTED and are all PUT THROUGH THE SAME TEST AND INSPECTIONS REQUIRED BY UL.

Lead Times

When ordering a fixture, the quoted lead-time is an estimated time that is subject to change due to the nature of how the products are made. Unexpected delays can occur, and if the fixture is delayed you will be contacted and we will do our best to deliver orders as soon as possible.


Payment is due in full at the time of order. We accept payment for purchases through Stripe.com. Stripe is an easy-to-use and safe online payment system that accepts most major credit cards. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. Orders are not shipped until payment is completed. Prices may be subject to change without notice.

Custom work

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to start all custom work. A mock up of the custom light fixture will be fabricated for customer approval prior to completion of work. Once mock up is approved by customer the remaining 50% balance is due prior to completing fixture and sale is rendered final and non-refundable.

Refunds and Exchanges

If you wish to cancel your order all cancellations must be made within 5 business days from date of purchase, payment will be refunded with the exception of a 10% transaction fee and credit card processing fee. Due to the hand made nature of our products orders cannot be cancelled after this grace period has passed. 

If there is a problem with your item (e.g. damage during transit) please contact studio PGRB immediately upon receipt or no later then 7 business days of receipt to make a claim. The item must be sent back for repair in its original packaging. After close inspection of the item Studio PGRB will assess the damages and either ship another fixture or repair the original fixture. Studio PGRB is not responsible for repair or replacement of damaged items reported after this time. 

All International sales are final and are unable to accept returns or provide refunds. LIGHT BULBS ARE NOT INCLUDED ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS DUE TO THE VARYING INTERNATIONAL VOLTAGE STANDARDS.


All shipments will be made via carrier of our choice, unless instructed in writing to use a specific carrier. Orders will not be shipped until the full payment has been processed and received. All our light fixtures are carefully tested and inspected prior to shipment and all items are securely packaged and shipped in a securely padded box.

international orders are subject to customs fees therefore any fees associated with customs are not the responsibility of studiopgrb. 

Additional Information

Please consult with licensed electrician if you are not familiar with installing a light fixture.

Un-coated brass will tarnish, will get darker, duller and richer with time. A polishing cloth or polishing compound can be used to restore its shine and are typically available at most hardware and big box stores.

All our hard-wired light fixtures are UL listed for dry locations. Fixtures are labeled clearly with the maximum allowable wattage. Use of higher wattage bulbs than indicated will forfeit warranty.

Our table lamps and any other plug based fixtures are NOT UL listed. All our non UL listed fixtures are handmade with the same attention to detail and safety as our UL listed fixtures and are put through the same test and inspections required by UL.


studio PGRB fixtures are guaranteed for one year after receipt (not installation) against mechanical defects. studio PGRB will repair or replace defective components or product. Hard-wired light fixtures are ul listed for dry locations. fixtures are labeled clearly with the maximum allowable wattage. use of higher wattage bulbs than indicated will forfeit warranty. disassembling or re-wiring of our fixtures by the customer or customer’s agent will forfeit warranty.

studio PGRB, LLC is not Liable for any of the following:

  • damage caused by misuse of our fixtures.

  • damage caused by improper installation or assembly by the customer or the customer’s agent.

  • damage caused by disassembly of our light fixtures by the customer or the customer’s agent.

  • damage caused by re-wiring of our light fixtures by the customer or the customer’s agent.

  • damage caused by improper cleaning solutions or methods.

  • damage to our fixtures, parts of our fixtures, or shades caused by the improper use of light bulbs.

  • damage caused by exposure to weather or improper environment.

  • Changes in appearance of the hand rubbed finishes or unlacquered finishes. these are meant to age in appearance.

  • any costs of installation, removal, or re-installation.

  • restoration or repair work.

  • any parts purchased separate from our light fixtures.